Another Year with @MSoneNote starting with exporting Class Notebooks
Privacy Discussion around the Breakfast Table

First Week Back Teaching

AFTER ONE WEEK back in an assortment of third level Irish classrooms, I definitely feel like I can point to major breakthroughs in managing large workloads of academic material. And my job satisfaction is directly related to the smooth running of Azure services that push Office 365 facilities to my Surface and into the hands of my 89 students.

Back Teaching


While I was teaching, my Xperia Z5 phone cobbled together a few images and created a little video clip that effectively summarises some of the week's activities. Although I could have edited the content to show only the stuff I did at work, I think it's important to let the clip generate a flow that seems to demonstrate I've started to get a better work-life balance.

My clever fourth year students have politely told me my InsideView blog is a POS and for academic credit they're documenting for me why daily views have plummeted from 1000 in 2006 to 30 in 2016. I'm reading their analysis inside a Collaboration Space in a Classroom OneNote that synchronises to my Android handset. I couldn't do that last year but now, thanks to the seamless way OneNote works, I can see content my students write for me to review and share. This is a major discovery and it comes with getting written student notes converted by from hand printing into simple text for quick display inside my review space.

I'm posting these ideas online along with a prompt back to myself to expand this post with very specific suggestions for other educators who may be toying with Microsoft OneNote as part of their teaching practise. It does not take long to integrate OneNote into collaborative learning environments. And when it's done with the correct scaffolding, students enjoy a high level of peer learning as a result.

+++ Bernie Goldbach teaches creative media and business students for the Limerick Institute of Technology. His Sony phone automagically creates video clips like the one at