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Behind the scenes with @YMTfm and the Irish Minister for Education

Irish Minister for Education meets @Ymtfm #Feilte

YOU HAVE TO ADMIRE the courage on both sides of an recorded interview when it happens during Feilte, the annual Teaching Council of Ireland Conference in Ireland. This morning, Minister for Education Richard Bruton sat in the hot seat while two teens interviewed him about matters affecting their classrooms today.

Feilte with Minister Bruton

If you click on the MP3 file above, you get a behind-the-scenes audio of the interview with some unscripted comments from the team and the Minister that establish how conversational the interview actually was--without any handlers vetting the questions beforehand and with Minister Bruton trusting the YMT crew with their broadcast-quality equipment.

The Internet Archive has saved four years of activity by the Youth Media Team and organisers have around six years of legacy content. The idea of using handheld recorders (primary iOS devices) came on the heels of offering free and paid hosting services for just this sort of undertaking. Although we have an education channel on Audioboom, the teens who work with these weekend events wanted to have their own space to mirror their blog.

Using an iPad Mini connected to a USB mic, the Youth Media Team record with the Audioboom app and then upload immediately after snapping a picture as cover art. The result appears below. A second shotgun mic connected to a Zoom H6 field recorder normally backs up all the A-Lister interviews and that track is posted as an MP3 file on this blog entry.

You can follow the day-long series of interviews produced by the Youth Media Team by clicking on the Feilte Playlist.

+++ Bernie Goldbach advises creative teens in making audio and video content during fast-breaking events.