A lot of smart people like @pjprendergast think student loans will happen in Ireland
Christmas 2016 with Qashqai Wipers

I like to work remotely next to big panes of glass #lifehack

Biggest Scrambled Egg Service
Photo inside Quimby's by @topgold.

TO CREATE CONTENT, ALL I NEED is a strong data signal, some quiet space, bottomless coffee and writing material. The problem with declaring this fact in public is that I may lose the very helpful Surface Pro tablet that meshes all my productive pieces together.

I'm heading into an event horizon where I have to return a loaner Microsoft Surface Pro to its rightful owners and there appears to be no budget from my academic department to source a replacement. My countdown timer advises me I have exactly one month to return the best productivity asset I've ever used. While thinking about how I'll adjust, I realise I may need to find an unoccupied hot desk on a satellite campus after 6PM on weekdays. That hot desk must be able to render 4K video clips and open CAD drawings so it's going to be a challenge getting all those pieces to fall into place.

If you want to see what unfolded, check back with me in late January. You might be able to find me upstairs in Quimby's on weekends (as in the photo) or online where I use the handle @topgold on good social networks.

+++ Bernie Goldbach teaches creative media for business in the Limerick Institute of Technology. He snapped the shot using a Sony Xperia Z5 handset while watching Dylan (5) attack a large plate of scrambled egss in Clonmel.