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Discussing influencers in #clonmel social media


I WAS PART of a 90 minute panel discussion held in the Clonmel Park Hotel on the 16th of February. Along with four other people I chatted about social media and selling. I tried to bring the perspective of influencers to the table because I believe the essential nub of any social media discussion revolves around influencers.

The panel discussion was moderated by Ron Immink as part of a series of business events run by the County Tipperary Chamber of Commerce. Ron writes about the complex landscape faced by small businesses trying to create an impact while using social networking. This is an "incredibly complex" landscape in Ron's perspective. He cites Brian Solisconversation prism to describe the social media landscape that extends beyond the technology landscape. We use the converstion prism as one of the methods useful for storytelling in several of the modules I teach for the Limerick Institute of Technology. During the evening conversation in the Clonmel Park Hotel, I heard more about Solis' perspectives but I did not hear how machine learning can help nurture effective influencer relationships. That was a missed opportunity but time ran out and perhaps we'll rejoin the conversation in a follow-up session.

I shared several ideas during the evening along with disclosing several big mistakes. In 1998, I made the mistake of calling an Irishman a "cowboy" before I realised that was a slur. In my home country, a cowboy is a fine American specimen of trust. But it is certainly not a term of endearment in Ireland. I also disclosed that in 2006, I made the mistake of failing to update my blog on a daily basis. That lack of daily continuity decreased my page views by a significant amount. In 2008, I made the mistake of crossing swords with a more powerful Twitter personality and I have suffered scorched earth connections after a rear guard effort cut me off from the flow of important things. And my biggest mistake is failing to safeguard a two month salary buffer in my bank account. We ate into that important financial cushion during the three failed start-ups that I have served since 1999.

But the evening's programme featured more good news and positive strategies and I will recap them on my blog.

[Bernie Goldbach teaches creative media for business in the Limerick Institute of Technology. Click the image to see Bernie's collection of images related to influencers.]