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My @minecraft immersion at Minevention in Dublin

I SPENT A DAY in Dublin's RDS Main Hall surrounded by thousands of Minecrafters and left with the realisation that our 9yo daughter has immersed inside a virtual learning environment alongside her friends in Busybees of Clonmel. Thanks to her expertise, Mia built me a Minecraft world that I used for a presentation inside the Minevention Education Zone. Several primary school teachers listened and now plan to attend our annual ICT in education conference on 6 May 2017 in Thurles where they will meet up with other coders and Minecrafters.  Minevention start screen

Mia snapped the shot that accompanies this blog post and she let me record her building a Minecraft world that fits the theme "the water and the wild". Her approach to the theme complements a team of animators and games developers who are building a 2D game in Unity around the same concept. I explain more about these ideas in the 14-minute YouTube clip below.

If you're interested in encouraging students under the age of 10 to build virtual worlds, you should explore Minecraft. There's a natural progression from Minecraft to coding and to games development. I work with third level students every week day who are designing games environment and who create the software used to power games on mobile phones, Playstations and Xboxes. There is a direct link between the scientific method and Minecraft gaming--one validated and explored as part of annual CESI conferences, at the March Games Fleadh and part of the recurring workshops at the ICT in Education Conference in Thurles every May.

See Bernie Goldbach talking Minevention at https://youtu.be/0PJ6xDJy5gk or click and listen to the audio clip below.

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