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LCHS Bernie

LCHS Bernie

I'M VISITING LANCASTER, Pennsylvania to catch up with high school friends at a big reunion and during several spontaneous coffee chats, pizza runs, and shopping trips. [1] I'm throwing in several days to hang out with my brothers, niece, cousins, and daughter before returning to Ireland early in July.

While at the Conestoga Country Club with friends, I made a 15-minute audio clip about people we wished could attend the class reunion. Please leave a comment below if you want to add your voice to the audio clip.

If you graduated with the Class of 1972 at Lancaster Catholic High School, you should try to keep the first two Saturdays of October 2022 open for travel and fun. We plan to make the 50th reunion part of LCHS Homecoming and that event normally falls inside the first half of October every year.

More than 150 of my high school class doesn't use Facebook--but a closed Facebook group is where many of us discuss planning factors for upcoming events. It's probably worth your time to request permission to join the Lancaster Catholic HS Class of 1972 Reunion Group on Facebook. [2]

Voices of 1972

[Bernie Goldbach is a past graduate of LCHS and a creative media lecturer in Ireland.]

  1. See Bernie Goldbach's snaps of Lancaster on Flickr.
  2. Group membership lets you see the current members of the LCHS '72 FB Group.