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Meeting Lancaster's Fav Uber Driver #travel


AFTER SEVERAL UBER journeys around Pennsylvania, I can unabashedly declare my best experience in Uber has been with John Johnson from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. John is more than a driver.

I finished high school with John Johnson. John perfected the art of making people laugh. I flew west from my high school graduation and started a flying career.

One of the nicest things about John is he knows alleys and laneways behind many of the service points in Lancaster County. And he's a rolling advisory counter for passengers who want to know where the deepest discounts are in Lancaster County.

But the most amazing experience I enjoyed with John Johnson and Uber came on the final trip. I had forgotten my passport in Lancaster after John took me into the Philadelphia area. Once he figured out what had happened, he returned to my pick-up point, collected my forgotten passport, and dropped it to USPS for immediate courier shipment to my Philadelphia hotel. This kind of special courtesy would never have happened if I had rented a car for my Lancaster holiday.

[Bernie Goldbach moved from Lancaster to Ireland where he teaches creative media for business.]

Inside John Johnson's Uber