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I'M PLANNING a trip west to the States before the end of June 2017, landing in Philadelphia and spending a week in Lancaster County where I'll dig around in the green box (above). [1]

I'm trying to surface some of the important digital memories from my high school days before I attend my high school reunion [2] and that's a challening task because I had no digital devices in the 70s. So I'm thumbing through a series of photos that are on Flickr and One Drive, pulling together a framework that I may produce as an Office Sway that I can share with friends from my past.

Just like in every archiving project, I fell down a few rabbit holes while investigating One Drive and Flickr. I've more than 23,000 photos on Flickr and my One Drive holds 32,434 photos. I'm trying to consolidate hundreds of them into albums that would make interesting viewing either online or in the form of a hardback book.

I realised that I had not uploaded much of the cover art that accompanies thousands of MP3 files I've shared on Audioboom, Libsyn, Anchor, Spreaker, VoiceBo or Bumpers. [3] I want to correct that shortchoming by improving the workflow I follow when producing rich media content.

I also discovered One Drive has very effective OCR capability because many pieces of content were grouped under search results when they had relevant text in the photos, descriptions or file names.

I plan to share these thoughts as part of an Audiomo clip this week and if you're interested in hearing my commentary, please return to this blog post after I amend it with the MP3 file of Day 12 of Audiomo.

  1. See Bernie's photos from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
  2. All class reunions should operate a Facebook Group like the LCHS Class of 1972.
  3. I'm trying to be @topgold on all good social networks.

[Bernie Goldbach teaches creative media for business in the Limerick Institute of Technology.]