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10 Years Ago We Were Tiling a Toilet


I ENJOY THROWING my browsers back to Flickr to see what I was doing a decade or more ago. In late July, less than two months before the arrival of our first born, I was helping Ruth lay tile in a toilet.

I like scrolling backwards on my Flickr [1] and remembering where we've been and what we've done. I think we should start to migrate to OneDrive [2] or Google Photos  [3] because there's more intelligence in those systems. But for the moment, all our phones and the iPad Mini simply keep uploading content after they'be snapped shots. At last count, I had 25,343 photos on Flickr and my account had recorded more than 3.7 million views.

Pro Tip: You can see your archives on Flickr by logging in and going to AND I have discovered people poke around on Flickr to see my most popular images when I share those images on blog posts. 

[Bernie Goldbach teaches imagery as part of a process to enhance the use of creative media for business.]

  1. I'm Irisheyes on Flickr. And as well.
  2. When I posted this item, I had saved 153 GB of photos in my OneDrive where photos are selected for collections using automated object recognition.
  3. My Android phone makes Google Photo Albums, often automagically.