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The Joy of Watching Goldfish

EVERY WEEKEND, I create a short audio clip concerning something about the four goldfish that we have in our home. The recording is part of an eclectic mix of voices online at Wave Radio and I've put details about the show below the break in this blog post.


I've learned a lot about the nonrandom patterns of behaviour in our small aquarium. The Black Moors consort with each other. Bingo, the oldest goldfish, is the most active. Charlie, the larger of the fancy goldfish, appears to watch me when I approach the tank. And each of the four like to take turns being pushed back by the aeration of the pump in the fish tank. I talk about these things in my Wave Radio clip (below) as I consider the possiblity that our happy goldfish could be sentient beings.

Listen to "The Fish Report with Bernie Goldbach - Treating Fish As Sentient Beings. 15th July, 2017" on Spreaker.


Fish are sentient beings

You can subscribe to Wave Radio at http://waverad.io/rss and hear my fish reports every Saturday.