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Another Year with @MSoneNote starting with exporting Class Notebooks

Exporting Class Notebook

I AM STARTING MY FOURTH semester using Class Notebooks and have learned from the experts [1] the importance of exporting and archiving old data as one large PDF or XPS file. Because of all the practical work contained inside those OneNote files, I have committed to saving those archives for at least seven years, a statutory limit for some forms of electronic data.

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Reflecting on Semi-Permanent Audiologs

FOR THE PAST seven years I've used cloud audio services to record and share thoughts. Along the way, I've discovered pockets of intense interest in distinct communities of people who enjoying setting aside time to create a daily audio logs. It's definitely a refined process if you intend to have your voice heard.

Rabbit on Lumia

Most of the people I hear through my earbuds have proper podcasts with decent production values. [1] They are storytellers and they have real content worth sharing. I also listen to people who spend time talking instead of tweeting. They're also interesting to me because they share ambient noise or offer casual observations of life without any pretense. They don't try to convert me or upsell me. They just tap their record button and share snippets of their lives. I enjoy hearing about their worlds. 

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Hands-on Visual Learning Language with @IdeaPaintIRL

Writing on the wall

ANECDOTALLY, I know people who learn visually--that's why I try to produce overhead learning material with strong visual elements. Scientifically, neuroscience tells me people learn by sketching. Watching both happen together proves the imperative of Idea Paint, a compound that transforms nearly any smooth surface into an erasable white board similar to what I used at a Drupal Camp in Limerick.

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Sneak Peek at @Socrative Gasta #ILTA2016

I'VE REDUCED my 30 months of experience with Socrative to five minutes for a very short talk at the annual Irish Learning Technology Association Conference in Dublin tomorrow. If you want to participate in this hands-on experience, you should read my Slideshare deck about Socrative and use Socrative to answer 10 questions in Room 622136 before 3:15 PM on Thursday, May 26, 2016.

I've time-checked my presentation (ruthless referees cut people off if they use more than their five minutes) by making a short Boo below.

On Using Socrative

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After an Academic Year with @MSonenote h/t @t1step #edchatie

I JOINED 20 other third level educators in a lab on the main campus of the Limerick Institute of Technology to share my thoughts on using OneNote during the past academic year. The noteworthy discovery for me unfolded when I realised my OneNote workflow was much more efficient than my previous work with multiple tabs with web browsers.

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Gold Star for Immersive Learning

She made a star shape in one cut
Photo by @topgold of Mia's cut-out.

IT TURNS OUT I wasn't the only person lifted by a weekend of making and creating--young Mia (8) also keeps chatting about what she saw, heard and did when at a Maker Meet [1] the evening before our annual ICT in Education Conference in Thurles, County Tipperary last weekend.

Mia has seen me working with the Youth Media Team who feature at major education events throughout Ireland. She thinks it's nice that these students actually get a voice in how the conferences unfold. And she knows our Youth Media Team complete an entire documentary package of researching, questioning, recording and photographing events. These teens are adding their voices to an important educational process.

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Helping uni students develop a personal brand #SocialSavvy16 #eportfoliohub16

I HAVE VOLUMES of notes and years of experience that I share every year with third level students in Ireland. I hope to build upon the experience of last week's Social Savvy Conference by sharing what I've learned about effective social networking with 120 students in modules I teach for the Limerick Institute of Technology.

I started the process with an audio clip on Anchor.fm, hoping to capture dozens of voices while answering the question, "How do you build an effective personal brand?" I will pass around a well-worn iPhone 5C to various students, hoping to hear evidence-based answers.

Twitter Personal Brand

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