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First Facebook Live Stream from Irish College Campus using #nytvr

I'M WORKING WITH a cadre of clever creative multimedia students and today we spent part of a lab session making a live Facebook Stream on The Gathering Table just outside the entrance to our campus in Clonmel, County Tipperary. This might be the first instance of a live Facebook stream on an Irish college campus: https://youtu.be/jcfZgiMk7i4

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Learning @UsePencil with 8yo @miarosegold

BECAUSE OUR ENERGETIC daughter wants to share stories with friends, I showed her Pencil on my Android phone and she made a story. Then she tapped into the UsePencil site on the Surface Pro 2 and discovered it was much easier.

I think we have a winning workflow here that starts with Mia snapping photos and screenshots of things she enjoys. Then she makes a little storyboard in a pocket-sized Moleskine where she tries to write captions for each image. And finally she creates a draft inside Pencil's easy-to-use platform.

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Meeting Kelly Gray #ictedu h/t @beckwurd

Kelly Gray - #ictedu character
Illustration by Becky O'Regan.

THE FACE OF KELLY GRAY sits on my Surface screen as we continue planning for the day-long ICT in Education Conference on Saturday, April 23, on the campus of LIT-Thurles. Kelly is a character developed by Becky O'Regan, an animation student studying on the Clonmel campus of the Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT).

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Getting Student Feedback on @sway

Camera work by Thomas Lonergan.

I'M TRYING TO create a mechanism through which my third level students can co-author a summary of every major topic on their syllabus of instruction. After several dozen practical sessions, I can recommend Microsoft Sway as a tool that my creative students use without major snags.

Sway is an online cloud service run by Microsoft and available as an app to students in the Limerick Institute of Technology. At set intervals, I ask students an overhead question relevant to the items being taught. During the final hour of our classroom work, those students add a slide to the daily Sway. It's a simple way of getting 360 feedback from students. I plan to continue using the Sway cloud service and hope to see its editing power on handsets. It works a charm on iPads and student laptops.

[Bernie Goldbach teaches creative multimedia to third level students in the Limerick Institute of Technology.]

Geometric Portrait #ID2015

This guest post by @Marty_2k12 features an image that has attracted dozens of creative students walking the hallways of LSAD-Clonmel. You can see this photograph and enjoy hours of animated content during DesignFest during the third week of November 2015.

Portrait by Ev Maher

This portrait, built from triangles and quadrilaterals gives a new meaning to portraits. Its geometric design with distinct architecture in the background help to break down what makes up a face, shapes, in fact it is what makes up the world.

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Open Note to Ireland's Dept of Finance

THERE APPEARS TO BE a real misunderstanding in Ireland's Department of Finance about how to drive real entrepreneurship. I wish everyone with responsibility for setting private investment policy would set aside time to listen to the motivations of entrepreneurs. If that happened, perhaps in a takeaway restaurant like Hillbilly's (shown), I believe there would be more forward-thinking treatment of Capital Gains in Ireland.

High Culture in Tralee
Hillbilly's. Where I've met dozens of entrepreneurs.

The Finance Bill is currently making its rounds and it contains a requirement that beneficiaries of capital gains tax relief must be company directors. If a founder sells her company and the board wants her to step aside, she will get slammed with an inequitable demand for tax. If her co-founder is allowed to continue as a director, he gets to keep around 30% more (lower tax) in the business deal. In one fell swoop, Irish tax law works to reduce the incentive to expand a business by stifling the incentive to sell.

Colm Lyon's submissions to the Department of Finance appear to have gone unheard, causing many in Ireland's startup communities to believe a disconnect exists between public policy makers and entrepreneurs. The current capital gains structure is punitive, signalling to high potential startup founders I know that they need to set up their new businesses in England or the States.

I wish the civil servants in the Department of Finance had a requirement to attend events like Limerick's Startup Weekend because they would meet entrepreneurs at the coal face who--unlike politicians or government workers--can't charge the public purse for subsistence or mileage claims while scraping together their startup vision.

[Disclosure: Bernie Goldbach worked in three start-up ventures in Ireland and paid Revenue before closing down each time.]

The room of many ideas #ID2015

Room of Many Ideas
Guest Blog Post by Kevin Kehoe.

Visitors to the DesignFest in Clonmel can see "The Room of Many Ideas". This image first appeared in the hallway of LSAD-Clonmel during Pen and Pixel 2015 in LIT Clonmel. It looks like a study room filled with interesting visual things.

The most significant item in the photo is the study desk in the right of the shot. This desk suits the image well because the whole room looks like a student's room. In a perfect study room, a student can compose at a study desk and then have freedom of movement to walk around the room or open a to get some air. A second major fixture in the study room is the poster which looks like a solar system. It suggests that the owner of this room is an inventor or scientist, perhaps a success linked to the study desk.

The student using the room appears to imitate @austinkleon's use of clipboards to express feelings and ideation. A certificate hangs on the wall, suggesting he or she is a very successful scientist. The certificate could be motivational.

I would like to make this room of many ideas my very own. It would be a great place for me to do work because it contains many of the elements that would motivate me to be at my best for college and for life.

[Kevin Kehoe is a second year creative multimedia student on the Clonmel campus of the Limerick School of Art & Design. "The Room of Many Ideas" features as part of the Design Fest during the third week of November 2015 on the LSAD-Clonmel campus.]