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Beautiful Speed Photography in #ID2015

Guest post by Vita Medelyte. Image by Inese Vecele.

Inese Vecele Photography

A very creative image hangs in the hallways of DesignFest in Clonmel. According to the photographer Inese Vecele, the original brief was to go out and capture action/movement photography in interesting camera angles. Preparation was easy and straight forward. "Just grab the camera, pose the model and shoot". Easy as it may appear, the process of finding that one prefect image took quite a while. Inese produced a number of photographs, including the one above of @SamIsWoong (Sam Wong). Inese carefully selected several images for filtering and "this one was the best one". The original image was shot in color, then brought to Photoshop and changed into Black and White, because it gave the highest level of contrast.

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Trying to email media to blog

FOR THE PAST 13 years, I've successfully emailed words and images to my blog. For the next three weeks, I'm trying to improve the process by uploading still photos, short audio clips and 30 second video clips directly from my phone to Insideview.ie.

This is a work in progress that is complicated by the fact that Windows 10 Mobile isn't ready for prime time (see below).


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Tightening Up Content with an Audio Workflow

I'M CROSS-POSTING thoughts about the winds of change that blow me back towards the 13 years of legacy services served by  Typepad and away from quick throwaway audio clips that I've sent up to Audioboo for the past six years. The cross-posting is actually an experiment in disguise.

Blowing Changes

Click image to play on Audioboom.

I'm using a series of blog posts to determine how I might record, upload and link content that podcatchers will find and display. In this blog post, I'm offering two links to the spoken portion of this blog post. You can click to play one of the audio clips by tapping the above image. The second audio option is stored on OneDrive (below).

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Standout Image #ID2015

Guest post by Fionn Murphy from the Limerick School of Art & Design (LSAD).

The image of "Warren" struck me, as it clearly wasn't properly mounted on the main wall of LSAD-Clonmel. It's part of the Design Fest this November, on the campus of LIT-Clonmel, supporting the year of Irish Design.

Fionn Murphy

Creating this image clearly took a lot of effort and coordination. I asked the artist, Evan Maher, back to my house for tea and a discussion about the fine details of this portrait. I wanted to know who it was, how it was created and the emotions it was supposed to evoke. I learned the subject in the picture was one of an older brother, named Warren, a man for whom Evan holds great respect. The background and geometric shapes used were to signify Warrens career in architecture.

I like the photo for its overall visual appeal and its satisfying color scheme. The overlay on Warren is very simple yet thought-provoking, using simple triangles of various colors, blended together to make a final product that almost tricks your eye on first glance into thinking its a photograph. Evan said he spent a lot of time on this as it was the subject and proved to be very tricky. Everything from the shading to the excellent background appear professional and the finishing reflects the artist's potential to create something artistic from something simple.

To see "Warren" and other highly creative works of Irish design, please drop into the South Tipperary campus of the Limerick School of Art & Design on the N24 Ring Road, Clonmel, County Tipperary, Ireland.

Using @Sway to Recap a Week

BECAUSE I LIKE the stories revealed by selections of photographs, I'm trying the same thing by using Office Sway from Microsoft to share a storyline that originates during the last week of autumn. It's a work in progress that is going slowly because I'm trying to do the complete story using only Lumia phones.

While I edited my Sway, I embedded the work in progress on my blog. I want to see how it appears in various syndicators downstream. I'd like to see the embed updates itself when viewed several days after the unfinished work went public.

Sway is a cloud-based beta product that works well in Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer. I used the Lumia 1520 as my primary editing tool and sourced the images and YouTube clip from online locations.

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Taking Time to Carve Out Creative Corners

I'M MUCH MORE effective in teaching and learning when I take time to carve out spaces for creative reflection. I've shot a simple video clip that shows an unlikely space that features in my weekly routine.

The Lumia video clip includes several materials that have always played a part gathering and distilling information. My youngest daughter has reinforced one of those objects--a small 28 page Moleskine. Mia likes its miniature dimensions. I do too because it's the most portable note-taker I own. And I can get several months of use out of it without worrying about recharging it. See the clip at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkqCc002QDk

[Bernie Goldbach is the senior pilot creative multimedia lecturer in the Limerick School of Art & Design.]

Words from tthe battlefield

The Sleepwalkers by Christopher ClarkA CENTURY AGO, when my grandparents were teens, The Great War ravaged the world. As I read about how Europe sleepwalked into that conflict, I can point out some vocabulary words that arose during WWI.

I point out to our children that although millions of men gave their lives on the battlefields of Europe, influenza claimed 50 million more lives in the conflict’s immediate aftermath. Some of those deaths happened in military hospital wards scattered throughout Dublin.

World War I also gave us daylight saving time, triage, chemical weapons, plastic surgery, fascism and yet another war. Man learned more ingenious way to kill and also discovered miraculous ways to save lives.

While reading Christopher Clark's The Sleepwalkers, I simultaneously read Sarah Sloat in the Wall Street Journal as she summaried words that emerged during the conflict to enter the common vernacular.

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Thoughts from the Atrium #LSADmedia


AFTER A HALF DAY in Microsoft Ireland, I'm returning to campus with ideas that originated in a Skunkworks project. If my intentions are successful, I will convert that Skunkworks initiative into several clever Windows Phone apps and then watch young children time hop with their grandparents through memories of their school days.

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Copyrighting Cooks

I'M WATCHING TV3 as it tries to launch a new cooking show hosted by Angeline Ball, a former Commitments star. The show is called Home Cook's Academy and its name falls afoul of copyright.

That's because Cooks Academy, based in Dublin's South William Street, has been trading since 2005 and its owner thinks the TV show infringes copyright and creates confusion among the public. Cooks Academy teaches home cooking courses. The company employs nine full-time staff along with freelance chefs. It registered its name and its red and white logo in 2006. Publicity pictures for the TV3 programme show a red and white logo.

These kinds of identity disputes can be amicably settled and sometimes result in cross-promotion of both parties.

The Biggest Space of the Summer

Fire Brigade Parking
Photo with Lumia 1520.

I WILL REMEMBER the summer of 2014 as the time when I cleared out seven carloads of stuff from our garage and reclaimed the space. The possible utility of the space emerged during the summer.

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