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#redacted thoughts from an American in Ireland

Handheld video by @topgold.

I AM FASCINATED with the current tension between the private citizen Denis O'Brien and the public interest. It's an issue playing out in the Irish courts while stifled in the Irish press.

I made a short YouTube clip [1] while trying to figure out what is happening in the case of #obrienvrte. The principal players aren't supposed to talk about the issues--although the spokesmen in the RTE audio clip [2] cited below bring clarity to some of the salient points. But in light of the information vacuum that emerges, interested citizens like myself are reduced to following the flow on social media not via #redacted mainstream media. I don't think that constraint sustains the public interest and hope the Irish courts right that wrong.

RTE This Week #redacted

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Twitter Machine Runs Over #obrienvrte

I AM BEMUSED at the ridiculous situation that Irish billionaire Denis O’Brien (known as #redacted on Twitter) has created for the world to view about the way investigative journalism is conducted. James Morrissey, the spokesman for #redacted, uses Irish radio to condemn an Irish parliamentarian, Deputy Catherine Murphy, for “peddling lies” in the Dail (Irish Parliament) but listeners cannot be told what she has alleged. And I cannot tell whether Morrissey is just banging the drum for private banking rights or just earning his pay as counsel.

I am not at Ground Zero of the controversy but I have viewed a YouTube clip [1] shared after Deputy Catherine Murphy read her statements in the Dáil regarding Denis O’Brien’s (DOB's) banking arrangements with a public entry, the Irish Bank Resolution Corporation and and its special liquidator, Kieran Wallace, whose accountancy firm (KPMG) has been asked by the Government to investigate the dealings of IBRC in relation to certain transactions (including the IBRC’s role in respect of the sale of SiteServ to a company owned beneficially by #redacted).

RTE redacted

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Big Win for Little People with Facebook's Newsfeed

WHILE HEARING MOANING from brands and marketing teams after Facebook changed its newsfeed algorithm, I noticed videos I upload to Facebook quickly ramp up to more views than I have real friends. The screenshot shows what happened on a lazy Sunday morning after I uploaded a 10-minute newsround to Facebook.

I've hyperlinked to the Facebook video but you may need to log into Facebook to see it play. There's an audio clip from below.

Sunday News from Ireland


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Remembering Locked Cockpit Doors #4u9525

Cockpit Door Panel from EFB Desktop

AVIATION DISASTERS, like the recent unfortunate loss of Germanwings 4U9525, sadden me and cause me to rewind back through human factors I investigated while a Flight Safety Officer with the US Air Force. Today, I'm thinking a lot about the way the Airbus cockpit is protected from entry because locked cockpit doors might be cited as the single cause of failure in some aircraft disasters. [1]

During my career as an instructor pilot in the US Air Force, I walked through wreckage of fatal aircraft accidents while investigating their causes and I walked through reconstructed crash scenes during recurrency training as an accident investigator. My role in these investigations was to dig into the human factors behind aircraft accidents. That meant trying to burrow into the flight scenario and to see the incident from the perspective of the pilots behind the controls. I would look into the personal lives of aircrew members, including their financial transactions, home lives, crew rest, duty periods and medication. I was an instructor pilot in two different types of military aircraft during my time in uniform, including the Lockheed C-141 Starlifter. I've seen highly qualified pilots make critical errors while airborne. In fact, I would induce some of those errors during local training flights or in the flight simulator. It was part of my job.


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RIP Rita Clohessy

Photo of Rita Clohessy (seated) with Paula Briody in Tipperary Institute.

RITA CLOHESSY, mum and friend, colleague and fixer, died peacefully in her County Tipperary home. She leaves behind memories that sweep over hundreds of Tipperary third level graduates in the calm sea of gratitude she graciously filled with her caring nature.

I've known Rita Clohessy since the earliest days of this century when the two of us shared an office space in Thurles across the road from the newly-commissioned Tipperary Institute. Rita shared practical life lessons ranging across the spectrum of the best way to control mice in the cupboard to how to divert critical funding into youth training programmes. She could fix things before I knew they were broken. Behind the scenes, her special touch smoothed out wrinkles during major events we held on both campuses of the Tipperary Institute.

For all of her life, Rita remained true to the family values that make Ireland the most special place on earth. Rita brought those family values to the workplace where they were welcomed as part of the Tipperary Institute culture. Like many of us, she hoped that caring culture would be infused to the big school house in Limerick. Rita has left that important call to action to those of us who will carry her loving memory into classrooms, community groups and programme boards to serve the needs of young people who aspire to learn to learn in a caring environment Rita Clohessy helped to shape.

Rest in peace, Rita. We'll be praying at your 1130 funeral Mass on Thursday, 26 February in St James Church, Twomileborris, County Tipperary. We'll be standing in a guard of honour for you after the Requiem Mass.

Direct Entry to Creative Multimedia in Ireland

Getting an inside view with Dermot DalyPhoto of creative multimedia students on a field trip to Tapadoo.

IF YOU WANT to start third level creative multimedia education, you might qualify for direct entry to the well-regarded programme accredited by the Limerick Institute of Technology in Clonmel. Click here for direct entry: http://www.lit.ie/direct

Most of the first year students in the programme arrive via the Central Applications Office (CAO) but a strong cohort also appear on campus by directly applying to LIT for the creative multimedia programme when vacant places are available each year.

Most of the students using the direct entry option progress onwards to the creative multimedia degree and then build their portfolios prior to beginning careers as web developers, creative UX designers, app developers and freelancers using sophisticated photography, audio and video equipment.

Apply for direct entry to third level creative multimedia on a four page Word document. You can also ask tippadmissions@lit.ie (telephone +35350428072 )for answers to questions you  might have about this process.