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Behind the scenes with @YMTfm and the Irish Minister for Education

Irish Minister for Education meets @Ymtfm #Feilte

YOU HAVE TO ADMIRE the courage on both sides of an recorded interview when it happens during Feilte, the annual Teaching Council of Ireland Conference in Ireland. This morning, Minister for Education Richard Bruton sat in the hot seat while two teens interviewed him about matters affecting their classrooms today.

Feilte with Minister Bruton

If you click on the MP3 file above, you get a behind-the-scenes audio of the interview with some unscripted comments from the team and the Minister that establish how conversational the interview actually was--without any handlers vetting the questions beforehand and with Minister Bruton trusting the YMT crew with their broadcast-quality equipment.

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My Least Successful @Sway Happened at #ELSS16

I LEARN A LOT by stumbling and I have to say that's what I took away from an afternoon session I had with 40 other educators during the 2016 e-learning summer school in Dublin. I tried to do too much and that's my fault.

I thought I might be able to compress something into an hour--a task that normally takes 110 minutes with my third level students in a lab setting. We had a BYOD environment at #ELSS16 and it just didn't work out. The lecturers in the audience needed a better introduction to Sway. They also needed keyboards to edit the Sway I had created. Things did not go smoothly. As a result, I now have a simple Sway for my blog that I'm embedding below as a work in progress.

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Listening to #elss16 Chatter h/t @jsecker @cearta @fergal

The #ELSS16 Pond

WHILE UK VOTERS were casting their ballots to leave the EU, I was listening to a gurgling pond (snapped by my Xperia phone in the photo) and conversations of lecturers on topics arising at the 2016 e-learning summer school on the Bolton Street campus of the Dublin Institute of Technology. Several of those conversations deserve deep dives into the various practices shared by third level lecturers across Ireland.

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A Half Day Learning about Data for Business

Big Data and Azure

TIBBS PEREIRA, a recognised expert data analyst, shared his perspective on the role of data analytics with a group of third level lecturers in Microsoft-Ireland this morning. Some of the coolest jobs in the fourth industrial revolution are earmarked for data specialists and data scientists today.

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Dreaming of Sea Monkeys #ilta2016

Sea Monkey Family

I KNOW I've been energised when my dreams rewind my experiences. Last night, I dreamed of sea monkeys swimming through hard coral stalagmites formed by terms of reference I know from my use of education technologies.

I blame Audrey Watters [1] for this dream state, arising from an invigorating challenge she issued during a keynote session at the 2016 Irish Learning Technology Association Conference.

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Sharing My STEM Stories at #SciFest in Thurles

SCIFEST CAME TO THURLES today and dozens of second level students displayed their work in hallways and listened to people explain what they achieved through a solid foundation in science, technology, engineeing and math. I shared my perspective during 10-minute session by using a YouTube clip to bring some of my past career into wide screen view.

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Open-Minded Creatives and their Processes #ictedu

Learning with the Youth Media Team
A Workflow in Co-Creation.

AFTER MAJOR EVENTS--the ones that flit in and out of my dreams--I believe it's important to note what happened in terms of personal development but also to consider what cosmic event might have occurred for others who share the same interests. The past two days are that significant.

I put an image on this post that Rachael Cooke drew as I spoke in a workshop that demonstrated what the members of the Youth Media Team do when they report on events and share their reflections online. Their work interests me because they bring a teenager's perspective to people and events that I attend. What they see and hear emerges as audio interviews and blog posts. You can hear everything they produced during the 2016 ICT in Education Conference in one large playlist served by Audioboom, a free cloud service.

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