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Dreaming of Sea Monkeys #ilta2016

Sea Monkey Family

I KNOW I've been energised when my dreams rewind my experiences. Last night, I dreamed of sea monkeys swimming through hard coral stalagmites formed by terms of reference I know from my use of education technologies.

I blame Audrey Watters [1] for this dream state, arising from an invigorating challenge she issued during a keynote session at the 2016 Irish Learning Technology Association Conference.

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Sharing My STEM Stories at #SciFest in Thurles

SCIFEST CAME TO THURLES today and dozens of second level students displayed their work in hallways and listened to people explain what they achieved through a solid foundation in science, technology, engineeing and math. I shared my perspective during 10-minute session by using a YouTube clip to bring some of my past career into wide screen view.

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Open-Minded Creatives and their Processes #ictedu

Learning with the Youth Media Team
A Workflow in Co-Creation.

AFTER MAJOR EVENTS--the ones that flit in and out of my dreams--I believe it's important to note what happened in terms of personal development but also to consider what cosmic event might have occurred for others who share the same interests. The past two days are that significant.

I put an image on this post that Rachael Cooke drew as I spoke in a workshop that demonstrated what the members of the Youth Media Team do when they report on events and share their reflections online. Their work interests me because they bring a teenager's perspective to people and events that I attend. What they see and hear emerges as audio interviews and blog posts. You can hear everything they produced during the 2016 ICT in Education Conference in one large playlist served by Audioboom, a free cloud service.

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Reflecting on #ePortfolioHub16

Click to hear about ePortfolioHub
Screenshot from @topgold's Android phone

I ATTENDED THE THIRD DAY of the ePortfolio Conference in the Dublin Institute of Technology and finished with a renewed imperative to enhance my own ePortfolio and to advocate an option for portfolio reviews of applicants to our third level creative degrees.

Reflecting on #EPortfoliohub16


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It's #paddysday Day in Ireland but

Dualla Show Coming
Parade snapped by @topgold in Cashel, Co Tipperary

IT'S ST PATRICK'S DAY in Ireland but if you had the calendar used by my Stateside family, it's late. It seems most of the local Paddy's Day festivities in my former stomping grounds happened last weekend, which means when my Facebook images start bubbling up in newsfeeds today my closest family will think I'm having a senior moment.

I'm listening to a stream of random audio clips on Anchor.fm from Americans who are trying to ascribe cultural significance to St Patrick's Day. To many people, you can distil the occasion down to green beer, shamrocks and leprechauns. After 20 years in Ireland, I've never had those three things on St Patrick's Day so I wonder if those three symbols represent mutt culture identity.

In my own family history, I know my great-grandmother came from a small stone bungalow in County Clare. Four generations back, my family had survived the family in the west of Ireland, took hard-earned savings and made the journey across the Atlantic to settle in St Mary's Parish of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. That congregation was a mash-up of Irish and German, resulting in my grandparents marrying there.

I dive into Ancestry.com and uncover tidbits of rural modesty that underscores my Irish and German peasant stock. If Marty McFly landed in our front garden to take me back to those boreens, I might feel uneasy during any conversation around the peat-burning hearth with my ancestors.

To enhance my awareness of my roots, I'll attend several small town parades on St Patrick's Day. Nothing fancy and often very spontaneous activities. I won't be surprised if one of the parade floats runs out of petrol or if a hay bale on the back of a trailer catches fire or if a big placard falls off the front of an over-sized tractor and gets blackened by tyre tread marks. Because these are the authentic Paddy's Day events that precede friendly banter in the local pub when friends chat about how Paddy's Day was for them.

And for you? Do you have family roots in original Paddy's Day celebrations?

+++ Bernie Goldbach is a blow-in American living in County Tipperary, Ireland, with his family with a few photos of St. Patrick's Day in Ireland.

Setting Aside 120 Minutes for 12 Apps of Christmas #12AppsDIT

DIT 12 Apps
Screencap of 12 Apps of Christmas

CLEVER ELVES from the Dublin Institute of Technology revisit their successful 12 Apps of Christmas starting on the first of December. The initiative appeals to anyone interested in experiencing, exploring and learning more about integrating mobile learning technologies into their teaching, learning and assessment practices.

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Open Note to @IrishTeachers #ID2015

CoderDojo eBook Work Session
Snapped while watching teens learn Kindle publishing on campus.

THE STAFF and students on our third level Clonmel campus have set aside a week of creative activities that complement the Year of Irish Design #ID2015 with seminars, demonstrations and hands-on sessions. You should check out DesignFest.ie if you, your child or your students have any interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art or Maths (STEAM).

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