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Hands-on #Ricoh360

Ricoh Theta S in da House

MY WORLD COLLIDED with the Ricoh Theta S camera and I can feel that using it will take me into an exciting equirectangular realm full of surprise nadirs.

The handiest feature of the Ricoh Theta S is knowing both Facebook and Google understand its image formats. This means 9yo Mia could simply tap the screen of my Sony Xperia Z5 and record the video below. I brought the clip onto the Surface Pro 4, used Ricoh's free software to inject the meta data that told the server it was a spherical video clip and then uploaded it to YouTube (very fast upload) [1] and to Facebook (where it uploaded slower). I recorded at 1920 x 960 in 30 frames per second and that used two megabytes per second of recording.

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Discovering new perspectives in the 360 Classroom #ricoh360

IT IS TRUE what some of the most creative photographers say: A well-framed shot is essential to compelling visual presentations. I face very big challenges now that I have a 360 degree camera because everything could be in the shot.

And maybe nothing is in the shot because I can't fathom the lens parameters of the Ricoh Theta S that I'm learning to use. For the moment, I'm going to upload this quick blog post as a marker on my timeline and an announcement to collaborators that we're going to have a lot of fun making 360 degree content in the months ahead.

+++ Bernie Goldbach teaches creative media for business in the Limerick Institute of Technology.

Amazon Echo Dot in Ireland

THOSE CLEVER PEOPLE on Boards.ie confirmed for me that I could run Amazon Echo in Ireland and that means Echo Dot would fit into my lifestyle quite nicely.

Our 8yo daughter already uses her voice to look up things on the family smartphones so I think we could ask Mia to manage a few Echo Dots as part of an array in a smart hub for our home. I like the idea of a house that can listen and respond to our queries.

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Lusting for Sphero BB-8 #wishlist

THE NIGHT BEFORE APRIL'S ICT in Education Conference, I watched our young son engage with a miniature BB-8 built by Sphero. I think we need a little BB-8 in our home, along with the Sphero Sprk+, a 117 euro programmable robotic ball. [1]

Sphero wants to teach children the joys of coding. The Sprk+ has a gyroscope, accelerometer and LED lights that can be programmed to come on in any order. It will pair to my Android phone or to my wife's iPhone using a Bluetooth connection that has a range of 30 meters.

The Sphero community--full of people who show off their handiwork--leads interested people in teaching owners the basics of programming and lets them code a series of commands. [2]

The Sprk+ is shockproof and waterproof with a battery that lasts for 69 minutes. I can charge the battery wirelessly from its hub.

  1. Get Sprk+ for $129 and free shipping in the USA.
  2. Sphero Commnity: Let's Play!

Integrating O365 Workflow Ideas #MSFTedu

Zoom H6 on the windowsill
Photo of Zoom H6 by @topgold.

EVERY SEMESTER GOES BETTER when I tweak my workflow to do more with less time. During the spring semester of 2016, I'm going all-in with OneNote and iterative activities that leverage shared co-authoring through Office 365, the service used on our campus network at the Limerick Institute of Technology.

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Digital and Contemporary Marketing Practice

I'M LOOKING AT three syllabi of instruction for different cohorts of students in business and creative multimedia while noticing several conclusions that might be drawn about their perspectives on digital and contemporary marketing practice.

Design Thinking with Lumia
Design Thinking with Lumia.

I have dozens of clippings inside my OneNote collections that are relevant to the space of digital and contemporary marketing practice. But I prefer to reduce that large collection to six key points, substantiated by listening to the Daily Tech News Show.

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First Touch of Windows 10

I LIKE WINDOWS 10 for several reasons and can base my opinion on running the preview edition for several weeks along with wanting to tinker with the way my operating system works. First impressions: Edge is faster than Chrome. And Cortana is better than Google Now, especially when connected to the Bluetooth head unit in our Nissan Qashqai.

Windows 10 Installing Itself
Photo of Windows 10 starting to update.

Because I have a Windows 10 Mobile, I've seen big innovation with the web browser. Edge does some clever things. I like how its Hub works. I'd like to see a way to import my Lumia 1520 Hub content onto the Microsoft Surface.

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