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Clever OCR Workflow in OneDrive

I HAVE DISCOVERED a clever way to automatically tag and organize photos with OneDrive. The cleverness starts with a leading image containing block capital letters. Let me explain.

Photo of kids on a pig by @topgold.

Like many other people, I let all of our handsets (Apple 5C, Lumia 1020 and Xperia Z3) automatically upload photos to OneDrive. When starting a new day's activities, I often print capital letters on a hand-made clapperboard, citing the venue or activity name on the clapperboard. Most of the time, my hand-printed letters are discoverable when I search OneDrive for them five minutes after I upload them.

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Starting #edsketch15 with friends

Sketch by @topgold in Moleskine.

ON THE HEELS of another ICT in Education Conference, I noticed the biggest cross-talk and sharing is happens when images or videos are shared. Knowing that behaviour, I'm going to try to upload a sketch a day onto my InsideView blog and cross-post the images into an album on Flickr.

The idea comes from Steve Mouldey in New Zealand. [1] He laid down a challenge "to share a sketch every day in May" and then use #edsketch15 when sharing on Twitter, Google+, Instagram or any other social media.

Steve cites Austin Kleon's "Show Your Work" [2] when encouraging "everyone to sketch something they have been reading, thinking about, trying out, observing, questioning, exploring, reflecting on, working on that day".

Are you up for the challenge?

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Mobile Livestreaming Since 2010 #mojocon

Qik Livestream recorded 11 March 2010 on Nokia E90.

IT IS EASY to forget things that happen before their time and Qik's livestreaming service is one of them. We first started covering live events with Qik running on Symbian phones in 2009 and made the process part of the creative multimedia degree programme in Tipperary Institute.

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Wayra Ireland Closing as @O2IRL Winds Down

AS A LONG-TIME O2 customer, I was looking for indications that O2's demise would affect Ireland in a negative way. And with the closing of the Wayra incubator, I have my first negative indicator.

Wayra Logo scraped from web.

I saw the news on Wayra's Ireland's website a day after returning from a whirlwind visit to ground zero of Ireland's Open Coffee movement in Limerick. It was the same day I walked through Questum, a vacant incubator down the Ring Road in Clonmel where I work.

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Teaching Fluency, Authority and Novelty

WE GIVE ACADEMIC credit to students who prove they can create engaging content for online audiences. To guide their efforts, a portion of our curriculum unpacks the principles of fluency, authority and novelty.

The Boys of '67


I point to traditional works such as The Boys of '67 (above) and the online writing of Dave Delaney and Dervala Hanley as examples of best practice in narrative. Andrew Weist is an approachable historian. Dave Delaney runs the vibrant New Business Network Radio. Dervala Hanley is an online diarist whose ghost work has elevated major brands.

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In-hand Guide to Tipperary Morning Commute

I HAVE DISCOVERED how easy it is to make 30-second stories come to life instantly with Lumia Storyteller, an app running on our Windows Phones. I embedded our Tipperary Morning Commute below with notes after the break.

I use both a Lumia 1020 (the one that recorded the commute) and a Lumia 1520 (the handset that captured living images about Hess Trucks).

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#Driverless Hearse

I AM WRITING a Last Will and Testament that specifies the use of a driverless hearse at my funeral. I think this specification would help jump start the industry segment.

I believe autonomous cars are safer than cars driven by average (texting, talking, drinking) humans sharing tarmacadam with me every day. I want to arrive safely in the cemetery perhaps accompanied by an extra passenger (if no passive driver was required on the journey).

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Questum Startup Culture

Photo by @topgold with Lumia.

ON THE WESTERN outskirts of Clonmel sits Questum, an airy building that I believe will help startups from LSAD-Clonmel get the traction required in their early days.

Questum will encourage local third level graduates to set up their own businesses. But that strategy needs to be enshrined by the Limerick Institute of Technology, the Clonmel Chamber, the Tipperary County Council and the senior lecturers working on the Clonmel third level campus.

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