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Pilgrimage to @OMahonysBooks

Curation in a world of excess

WITH OUR SCHOOL BOOK LIST in hand, we're headed on a cross-country journey to O'Mahony's of Limerick to begin stocking our shelves for the upcoming school year. It's always a memorable journey.

This year, we're taking a cab to town then a bus across county lines. Mia has tapped a school book list into the communal iPhone. I'm blogging this short piece to remind me about a title on O'Mahony's shelves that I plan to use in the Media Writing module for the autumn semester.

We planned this little 50 mile journey a few days ago, rehearsing the departure times with four year old Dylan and eight year old Mia. Both of them got up an hour earlier than normal and counted down the minutes for the taxi's arrival. I wish there was a way to ensure the same sort of time-keeping rolled over into the normal school year.

+++ Bernie Goldbach has watched the school year unfold in the States, in Germany and in Ireland.

The One Question My Father Often Asked

Geroge Goldbach in Ellwangen, Germany

IT'S HALLMARK TIME again because Father's Day is here and as I watch our lovely 8yo create a unique Father's Day card, I can hear a question my dad often asked his five sons. "What are you going to do with that?"

Dad (pictured at age 22 a few months before he met my mom for the first time) rarely challenged what his offspring did. But he did want to encourage us to consider our actions. He was more observer than judge and I will never forget his style. I'm trying to emulate his considerate approach in my own life now, stepping back from an often critical perspective that I apply to everyday interactions.

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1300 Days Remaining Before Pivot

Working on Surface Pro 4
Photo of @miarosegold by @topgold.

MY COUNTDOWN+ CALENDAR tells me I have 1300 days until my last day of work as a full-time lecturer in Ireland's third level system. Because of that very real event horizon, I have started a transition checklist that I consult every hundred days of this countdown sequence and this blog post automatically published to remind me to check my progress.

The lovely thing about embargo publishing systems is I don't have to worry about publishing any long form content today since I wrote this material two months ago while watching 8yo Mia create a blog post. My hope is that she will continue exploring ways to create and share stories of what it's like growing up in Ireland. I wish I had stored those social experiences so I could compare my pre-teen years to hers.

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Condolences to @evelynoconnor

St Patricks BallyhaunisI WAS SADDENED to hear of the sudden death of Pat O'Connor, father of Evelyn O'Connor who has helped our Youth Media Team in many creative ways. May Pat rest in peace.

An online death notice cites the deep regret of "his loving wife Patricia, sons David and Cormac, daughters Deirdre, Evelyn and Sarah, grandchildren, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, sisters Anne, Bridie and Mary, brother John and extended family, neighbours and friends". Pat O'Connor died on Monday, February 16, 2015.

The funeral Mass was at 11am Thursday, 19 February in St Patrick's Church, Ballyhaunis, County Mayo (in the photo by Gabrielle Lyons).

Donations if desired to CROÍ c/o Gavin’s Undertakers, Knox Street, Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo.

I buried my mother a month ago in a funeral attended by several Irish-Americans. Two close family friends are O'Connors but not directly related to Pat O'Connor's family. Death is affecting people I know every week of 2015. I believe that a person who departs from this earth never truly leaves. I certainly feel that way about my mother because she is still alive in the hearts and minds of her five sons. And I'm certain that the memory of Pat O'Connor will not be forgotten as well.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the entire O'Connor family at this sad time.