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Free Form Flying #28DaysOfWriting

After landing with Capt Goldbach.

I BECAME the senior pilot creative multimedia lecturer in the Limerick School of art & Design during the 28 Days of Writing because I needed a clear and distinct job title. Many of my colleagues append their names with initials but I believe I can lead with a distinct title instead.

The title is a call to action. It's something I've been considering while reading educators who are using February for 28 days of writing simultaneously as I was engrossed in the annual #FeBOOary audio challenge. My call to action concerns flying back into the cockpit by generating revenue that will help offset the cost of flying a small aircraft around Ireland.

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Remembering Evelyn Goldbach

WE BURIED MY mother, Evelyn Frances Goldbach, in the family plot today. In her memory, we have pulled together a five-minute video from dozens of photos she enjoyed viewing during her 88 years.

Download the movie clip.

This short video clip uses Mantovani's instrumental version of "Charmaine" as a backing track. The Mantovani orchestra enjoyed its first hit in the US charts in 1951. It peaked at #10 in 1952, the same time my mom and dad met each other the first time. They enjoyed hearing the song and sometimes began dancing spontaneously when they heard it on the radio. I have purchased five different versions of the song and am storing two of them on my blog as the backing track of the short slide show honouring my mother.

View the 5:56 clip on OneDrive.

[Evelyn "Rickie" Goldbach was born on March 24, 1926. She died on January 8, 2015.]

Viewing Life through Rickie Goldbach

MY MOM PASSED away at 0630 today and we are following her instructions for her funeral arrangements and burial next week. Along with my four brothers, we also plan to celebrate a few moments of joy when visiting mom's favorite haunts (like Eden Resort shown in the image).

[Movie Clip] Accessible through http://bit.ly/rickiemovie

On a formal note, the obituary [1] specifies we will hold an open casket viewing in Andrew T. Scheid's funeral home [2] from 1900 to 2030 on Monday, January 12, 2014. Mom wrote down and prepaid all these arrangements more than a decade ago with Andy Scheid. Mom's funeral Mass is at 10AM on Tuesday, January 13, 2015, in St Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Lancaster, PA. [3] It's minus five cold outside in Lancaster at the moment but people can park their cars in Andy Scheid's quiet place and stroll the 300 yards up the hidden alleyway to the church. Her burial is in the family plot of the St. Joseph New Cemetery [4], a place some readers might remember from other family events. [5] You cannot walk from the church to the cemetery but if you're on Route 999 at noon on Tuesday, the 1971 black Mercedes hearse is taking my mother on a victory lap.

Remembering Rickie Goldbach


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Daily Dosage for Fish Out of Water

Snapped and recorded by @topgold

MY MOM IS actively dying. I'm part of a vigil at her bedside.

Hospice professionals have politely told me and my brothers that we need to take care of ourselves just as we continue to offer the best care for mom in her final days. So as part of that personal healing process, I need to vent a few thoughts on my blog, reflecting some of the cryptic log entries we've recorded in the final weeks of 2014.

It sounds oxymoronic to write about "active death" and yet that is a term used by some hospice nurses when a patient enters the final 12 hours of life. To her sons, "active dying" means mom will continue to beat the odds and will extend her time by a factor of three, perhaps dying sometime very early in 2015.

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With Mom Who Taught by Rationing

I AM PART of a vigil with brothers now watching my 88 year old mother (in photo snapped 70 years ago) slowly wind down life through rationing of fluids and medication. In some ways, what's happening now to my mom is part of her cycle of life. That's because she grew up in an era where rationing happened during the Great Depression and she knew rationing as a high school student during WII.

While living on an Iowa farm, mom's family received their first "Sugar Book" (War Ration Book Number One) as mom was finishing her sophomore year in high school. The books were distributed in May 1942 through networks of schoolteachers, PTA groups, and other volunteers.

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Christmas in Ireland was Frozen

THE BEST KINDS of Christmas involve joyful days shared with children. That happened in spades for our Frozen family in Cashel, County Tipperary.


Uncle Pat arranged for USPS to fly an oversized box containing Anna and Elsa and everything Frozen from the States to Ireland. I captured the joy on a short video and also recorded The Opening of Presents with 7yo Mia offering the best perspective on Christmas--a memory I will cherish when I rewind and listen in later years.

[Bernie Goldbach is an Elder Blogger ex-pat American in Ireland.]

Building a Renderfarm

AFTER LISTENING TO FRUSTRATED students explain how they have to work around limited processing power while rendering complex objects, I've started looking at building a rendering farm. I first visited sites running IBM's BladeCenter HX5.

I have a soft spot for IBM systems because in the early part of the century, I used heavy iron from IBM to help a small animation studio get on its feet.

The IBM HX5 extends eX5 architecture into a bladed format. That means it's quickly scalable and comes with high performance specs.

Some first impressions from IBM literature:

-- The HX5 features Lenovo eX5 Architecture. It runs fifth generation mainframe-inspired Lenovo Enterprise X-Architecture technology on Intel ten-core Xeon “Westmere-EX” processors.

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