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Peering into a Collaborative Drive #ct231

Sharing #ct231Screenshot by @topgold of #ct231 action.

LIKE MANY OTHERS, I clicked into the #ct231 hashtag and wondered where it will lead. After a second look, I decided to follow along.

At the moment, a group of students in NUI Galway (co-ordinated by @catherinecronin) and a separate group in the Limerick School of Art & Design (co-ordinated by @LITmultimedia) are reviewing and editing a Google Doc about research topics. The listing feels like a dynamic written record of a focus group. That dimension makes viewing http://bit.ly/ct231-first worth scrolling.

I expect to see more than a dozen research topics emerge on the Google Document after a cluster of students studying Emerging Trends and Technology (#LITet) flick through the listings and add a few of their own.

The #litet students will make Long Bets on technology they believe will emerge in 2018, knowing that what might be in their lives then could well be something that early adopters are just buying into today. A lot can happen in five years. Established power players have been disrupted (and dismantled) in shorter time frames than that.


New Academic Year with Fewer PCs

Tablet EaterPhoto by @topgold of tablet operations.

THE ONLY REASON we need a PC (or a laptop or a Mac) in the house is to satisfy our two-year-old's fascination with keys that move.

Like many other families, we don't feel the need to get a PC for the kids. The kids have shown us this by their head-long immersive activities with the iPad, Xoom, Xperia, Lumia and iTouch. They have what they want in hand and often know what icon to tap to pull what they desire from a web service.

I had expected to put an XBox Kinect into the sitting room by now but the television screen has acquired an annoying habit of switching off for three or four seconds every 15 minutes. That kind of misbehaviour would affect game play more than it disrupts the movies we want to watch on the 32" screen.

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Moving Up the Debt Serfdom Path

Debt Serfdom

BERNARD GOLDBACH in Mullingar, Ireland | 268 Words  Image from US Census.

FROM WHERE I SIT, I know that Irish higher education costs will continue rising, both for taxpayers and for students. In the USA, higher education costs have outstripped the rest of the economy's cost structure.

There is no real competitive pressure in the higher education in Ireland. Instead, Ireland Inc banks part of its reputation on the steady production of highly-educated graduates available at the beck and call of multinationals. But there's another dimension of higher education and that's the relative increase when compared to other sectors of the economy.

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Voice-Controlled TV

HDMI ArcBY CHRISTMAS 2016, we will be able to tell our sitting room what to play on the television. Nightly family sessions will feature shouts for channels.

I can do some of this already with my Sony Xperia Arc connected by HDMI cable to a Sony Bravia set. The touchscreen on the phone shows up on the set. I can use the TV remote control to change things on the phone just by beaming an up or down command to the TV screen. When I use voice search I have to use the gesture of the phone to activate the search and that's a bit cumbersome when the HDMI is connected. But it's relatively straightforward to remove the gesture and to activate the search by talking. However, in a chatty sitting room, that could create channel surfing when people started talking. I'm playing with the system now, discovering Google's Mobile app can find my local files. That means I can ask the phone for a photo gallery and the TV set cues the photos for slideshow viewing.

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#med2020 Long Bets

#med2020SEVERAL IDEAS PERCOLATED out of the Media 2020 event in the Croke Park Conference Centre today and I'm off to make some long bets on their viability in the year 2020. They concern the handheld screen, smart scans, local newspapers, internet appliances and social television. Based on the twitterstream that flowed during #med2020, I think I'll win several of these long bets.

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