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My All-Night Nokia

Lumia BatteryScreenshot from Lumia 925 by @topgold.

WE HAD SEVERAL days of power outages this winter so my Nokia Lumia had primary opportunities to prove it could go two days between rechargings.

I cherish the resilience of my Nokia 925 on nights when its iPhone and Android brothers could perform as long as the intelligent power-saving from Nokia. The large screen on my Xperia Z draws too much power and its notifications don't seem to totally squelch since some apps do not listen to the universal settings. Our iPhone needs to have its wifi connectivity switched off if we expect it to function as an alarm clock the next morning.

Battery saving easily toggles on and off with my Nokia Lumia. I can easily extend the Lumia 925's duty day by four hours merely by switching off push email service. And using the "Battery Saver" in "Settings" turns off a myriad of services while in standby, resulting in another two hours of extended phone duty day for me.

[Bernie Goldbach uses his Lumia 925 to create multimedia in the Limerick School of Art & Design.] 

Dabbling with WP Dev

QR Code for a quick WP appQR Code snapped by @topgold during a @saorog session.

THANKS TO STEPHEN HOWELL'S coding, I had my personal digital portfolio dynamically updating on my Lumia handset. Stephen used Microsoft AppStudio tools to complete the job in seven minutes.

This quick work pulled six different data sources from my online collections. The visual design process was part drag and drop and part hard coding. If you have ever called an API or devised REST services, you have the skills to produce a compelling digital dashboard. The rough draft lf mine downloads from the QR code in this blog post.

I wrote this blog post during Stephen Howell's hands-on demo, mostly because I want to tick off items I must do in order to improve my under-the-bonnet use of Windows Phone. Some things I intend to do:

Get an Azure Pass as an educator.

Set up Company Info on my handset to facilitate special downloads.

Set up a MSDN Faculty Connection.

Poke around with App Studio in my browser.

[Bernie Goldbach is the senior creative multimedia lecturer in the Limerick School of Art & Design.]

My Nokia Moving Closer to Redmond

On the day Microsoft Bought Nokia
Photo of excellent Lumia 925 camera by @topgold.

NOKIA PLANS TO SELL its Devices & Services business as well as patent licensing to Microsoft for €5.4 billion. This effectively means the clever Finnish technology I've used since the late 90s is now destined to connect deeply inside the Redmond campus.

As Rafe Blandford observes, "The transaction will close the mobile phone chapter in Nokia's 150 year old history and reshapes a company that remains one of Europe's leading technology brands." [1]

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Field Testing Nokia GPS

Photo of my Lumia 925 and Moleskine.

I DRIVE THOUSANDS of miles every year using Nokia Maps verbal guidance and over the years I have learned several quick ways of verifying whether my handset is up to the challenge.

If you buy a new mobile phone and intend to use its GPS, you should take your unit outside and see how long it takes to lock onto satellites in open air. You know you have a problem if more than 30 seconds elapse before lock-on. The problem could be nearby electromagnetic interference. Or it could be a weak GPS unit. My best units achieve lock-on within 15 seconds.

With my Nokia 925 handset (in the photo), the green button finds my actual physical location. If you know where you are and the green button is more than 100m away, you will encounter navigation problems en route. Those may occur as the navigation arrow jumps around on screen, often rotating into the opposite direction from your actual movement. This would occur with poor antenna sensitivity and if it happened to me, I would hesitate before replacing my handset with a similar one from the same shop. You might see the same problems if your unit was assembled during a faulty manufacturing process.

In my experience on European motorways and American expressways, Nokia Maps work well without assisted GPS. This saves me a minimum of 100 Euro a week while roaming in other Telco networks.

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First Thing I Put on My Lumia 925

Nokia Maps Got Us ThereBernie Goldbach is configuring maps on the Lumia 925.

I STUCK NOKIA MAPS onto a new Lumia 925, following a similar process I've used with other Nokia handsets. That's because Nokia Maps offer me the fastest navigation with the least amount of data than any other option I've used.

I've many friends who swear by Google's turn-by-turn functionality and while it's a credible option, it's also more expensive unless you download map segments for your route before you travel. With Nokia, you opt for a country's maps (and they can be weighty) and you get everything on the handset before you set a destination. The maps also present information through a City Lens and they use data from an almanac that downloads with the 2D and 3D map forms.

When I sign into Nokia maps, the system knows places I've starred as favourites and they appear on screen as I maneuver around. I've annotated favourite playgrounds, baby changing areas, and child-friendly venues on my handsets since 2007 so I have a wealth of specialised knowledge to hand when I use Nokia Maps as my guide.

My Lumia 925 handset also runs View Ranger and that means I'll be able to record some of my journeys as shared adventures, keeping some items as mapped favourites and other details online in the Share Your Adventure community.

(Bernie Goldbach has used Nokia handsets for more than 10  years and is a little biased by their performance and longevity.)

Audioboo Built Into Windows Phone

EvernoteBernie Goldbach in LSAD-Clonmel with logo from Evernote.

ONE OF THE TOP apps for Windows Phone is Evernote. And it doubles as an audio recorder for Audioboo.

A lot of people don't realise the power the Windows Phone mic offers. Out of the box, it has decent audio recording capability and I've used the audio recorder to make clips inside Evernote that I can email directly to Boomail.

I also use Voice Recorder Pro on Windows Phone 8 to get the highest quality .wav file from my Nokia Lumia. That app uses time and battery power to pull the HQ audio file from my Lumia 820 into the app's mail client. I email the audio into my Evernote first, listen to it, then add an image to the note in Evernote before sending the whole lot out via Boomail.


I haven't tried recording more than four minutes at a time because .wav files are huge. However, after four different attempts, the result has always worked. The audio files and associated image goes up onto my Audioboo account. I'm going to start a board on Audioboo where I hold my Evernote Audioboo collection.

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