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Marking Cashel Heritage

Rays Around TowerIF I DRIVE near Tipperary Institute and ask Google Maps to find "Rock" the result on my car's dashboard offers a pinpoint that dead centre in the middle of the image at left. Within a few weeks, the search engine results will also point to a very clever interpretation of the town's heritage trail because several creative multimedia students in Tipperary Institute plan to make a short video clip that will play on phones, the internet and on television sets. The idea germinated during a tasking in a social media module in which Laura Hobson made a storyboard that showed what someone could do when alighting from a bus in County Tipperary. In Cashel's case, it might mean ascending the Rock and walking the grounds where the photograph was taken. Or it could mean following prominent signage around the town to see the oldest remnants of the town wall and other artefacts from 700 years ago. If this creative multimedia project pans out as promising as it appears, I hope it suggests a day's worth of walking about Cashel. Several families visiting my adopted home this summer would like that suggestion.
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HennessyBen and Project Mgt

hennessybenBEN HENNESSY gets a place marker on Inside View because he took the shortest route from tasking to completion of an academic assessment. Asked to gather information relevant to building a personal profile, Ben went to the top of the PR mountain and asked Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson for their feedback on an FIR podcast. My first reaction was it was rather cheeky because FIR is one of the top-ranked business podcasts in the world and getting in the earbuds of nearly 2000 practitioners with an academic tasking seemed rather precocious. But Neville and Shel acknowledged the question and put it into the FIR Friendfeed room (a private room but open to most requests for entry) where it's getting traction. If you're interested in adding to the discussion, feel free to join the thread. I imagine some will want to know more about the source of the question. That's why I've bumped HennessyBen onto the front page of my blog for 15 minutes of fame. Expect to see more of Ben in the "project management" category as he embraces a very creative work placement programme during the summer months.
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Thanking @tupped and the Internet Archive

Wayback machineWE HAVE A REQUIREMENT to assess third level students on their collaborative work and it's all the better when the work is real-world. So when Simon McGarr noted the demise of podcasting.ie (the Wordpress site we failed to patch before it was scuppered by malware), an immediate project came to hand. Within the next three weeks, six third year creative multimedia students will resurrect the domain, the audio files, text files and the images. They will use the Internet Archive as their guide dog. Some sample findings follow below.

Internet Archive finds Simon McGarr talking about libel.

The Wayback Machine's advanced search.


First Day Back in Class

Useful Collaborative Tech
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WE DISCUSSED SEVERAL pieces of social networking technology that might prove useful when collaborating in projects. In Tippeary Institute, part of the BSc in Creative Multimedia involves completing a group project. One important takeaway from the first day back in our college classrooms revolved around a discussion of several time-tested pieces of social networking that might actually prove useful when specifying and completing project work. This short screencast [1 MB MP3 file] exposes those technologies (i.e., Audioboo, change tracking inside Word, Google Docs, twitter hashtagging, 12Seconds.tv, and Qik video clips). Updates will follow as the semester unfolds.

Useful Collaborative Technology


Project Management at Third Level

Clutter Gene ScabsTHE CLUTTER IN MY OFFICE (see left), on my desk and at my feet remind me that I need to eat my own dog food and learn alongside third level students who will listen to me lay out a module in project management for this semester. We're tied to an accredited curriculum that should help my third year complete their own major projects successfully but I want more. I want to carve out more physical space and I want to arrest the mission creep of academics in my real life. That means following a process online, carrying action items on my person and perhaps engaging a coach as well. For today, I'm bringing part of Manager Tools into the listening space [30 minute MP3 file], hashtagging some content for academic credit [#projmgt], listening to student input about nominated projects, validating effective personal technology that helps get things done, and nominating textbooks. If my cadre agree to the task, we'll shovel the core takeaways onto an iTunes feed and offer relevant revision material as slideshares.

Project Manager Feedback

Timothy Ferris -- "The 4-Hour Work Week" ISBN 9780091923723

David Allen -- "Getting Things Done" ISBN 978-0142000281

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