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Top Open Source Tutorials

OSCON -- If you are prone to roll your own weblog, manage the back end of your dynamic website, or deliver value for money with internet projects, you should look at the tutorials that have attracted the most participation during the Open Source Conference. These are the top 10:

  1. Learning Ajax
  2. Perl Best Practices
  3. Ruby on Rails: Enjoying the Ride of Programming
  4. Perl Best Object Oriented Practices
  5. Scalable Internet Architectures
  6. Creating Passionate Users
  7. XUL: The Future of User-interfaces on the Web
  8. Introduction to Ruby
  9. Subversion
  10. PHP Security

Nat Torkington -- "OSCON Top Tutorials"

Google for a good shag

GOOGLE -- My Google Friends e-zine arrived with tips about using Google's video search tool. One of the first examples suggested video-googling for "shaq" so I misspelled the suggestion in search of "shag" since the American-centric video collection might choose to correct my spelling instead of offering me shagging videos. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Google has 82 shagging videos.

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Bank Holiday Trailers

KILKENNY -- There's no need to come to Kilkenny for the Cat's Laugh Festival if you're skint. Help is at hand. Click some Quicklinks below and enjoy some laughs in the comfort of the glow of your own screen.

  • "Eye of the Tiger" pisstake of Rocky from Talc (8.5 MB swf)
  • "Revenge of the Brick" or how legos feature in the latest Star Wars episode (4:14 Quicktime with excellent orchestral sound and clever animation).

Via John Paczkowski and Good Morning Silicon Valley.

Reorienting Google Maps

KILKENNY -- As expected, Google Maps do not align with the Irish Grid so that means anything geoblogged from a proper GPS receiver will fall around 10 minutes off in both the latitude and longitude when plotted on Google Maps. I'm playing around with a few images, trying to calculate a delta for GPS images so I can apply that number to geotagged images used in .

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Recording streams from computer

TIPPINST -- This week our Skunkworks team is looking at ways to digitally record audio streams from a computer. I have a noisy laptop that I want to use to create podcasts from Skype phone calls. In order to remove the annoying hiss and fan noise of the laptop, I have embedded a microphone inside an over-the-head earphone contraption but I wonder if there's a more elegant solution. So we're looking at all sorts of patch cables and hope to find a solution that's plug-and-record.

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Alien Sanctuaries

CALLAN -- This post is dedicated to aliens in search of sanctuary, safe havens on earth and places where it is safe to live off the grid. I will suggest nine places where an alien could find an interference-free landing zone, then blend into the local area. I am prompted in this goal since it follows a successful studio model that goes back at least 10 years, back to the time when Twentieth Century Fox arranged for Nevada governor Bob Miller to dedicate Nevada Highway 375 as an "Extraterrestial Highway" on which aliens would be granted safe haven when they landed their UFOs. The studio then unveiled a beacon on it near the town of Rachel, Nevada. Aliens who landed there were easily assimilated into the local populace, thereby ensuring the studios had plenty of extras for follow-up (think Independence Day).

NOTE TO ALIENS: You can land on the Callan bypass in County Kilkenny, Ireland and blend right into the scenery. So many things happen on the shoulder of that road that you would never be bothered by joggers, dogs, wrong-way tractors and locals recalling their Breakfast on Pluto. On weekends, you can saunter up to the Kilkenny Castle and enjoy all sorts of creatures on pilgrimages known affectionately as "hen nights" after sunset.

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