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Discussing influencers in #clonmel social media


I WAS PART of a 90 minute panel discussion held in the Clonmel Park Hotel on the 16th of February. Along with four other people I chatted about social media and selling. I tried to bring the perspective of influencers to the table because I believe the essential nub of any social media discussion revolves around influencers.

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Google Shares Where You Work

Google shares where you work
Screenshot from my Xperia phone.

WHEN I FIRST SAW the names of people on my Google Maps next to pinpoints where they worked, I remembered that I told Google that I did not mind sharing my home or work location (and then I spoofed my home location).

The screenshot (above) shows the names of several people I wouldn't mind meeting over a cup of coffee when going to Dublin. The embedded image (below) shows what you might see if you ever find yourself near the work stations of some of the most creative animators and multimedia production students in Ireland.

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Growing up Snapchatting

Growing Up Snapchatting

OUR MIA (8) shares her view of life by snapping and sharing as she goes. She started with Flickr in 2011, pushed a few photos onto Twitter in 2012, put her milestones onto Facebook timelines in 2013, picked up Instagram filters in 2014 and now has a posse of real life friends on Snapchat reaching back before 2015.

I hope to get her most creative stories into iframes that she can share in simple portfolios as she moves through the halfway point of primary school. Her initial work uses Commaful (now http://usepencil.com/play/miarosegold ). I see these tasks as essential development of her digital literacy.


Discovering Snapchat Thriving in Primary School

I KNEW SNAPCHAT was deeply engrained in youth culture when several members of our Youth Media Team showed me their six digit Snap scores. Their self-reported activity levels were above two hours a day.

This summer, I'm watching young people under the age of 10 create Snap stories of their summertime activities. And if I'm to be of any assistance, I need to know how Snapchat's magic filters work. My initial research took me into Ukrainian labs studying facial recognition. The details are in the five minute Vox video embedded to my blog post.

+++ Bernie Goldbach teaches creative media for business while working with the team at YMT.fm. You can also find him on Snapchat.

Appreciating evidence-based case studies with Instagram

Pen and Pixel poster
NEXT WEDNESDAY, MAY 25TH, the hallways and studio space on the Clonmel campus of the Limerick Institute of Technology come alive with samples of creative work during the annual Pen & Pixel exhibition. I'm deeply interested in following the conversation about the event as it trickles far beyond County Tipperary, primarily through social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Things my students have learned from social networks

WHILE TEACHING third level college students how to effectively carve out their online social profiles, I learn about those social spaces by listening to feedback from those students. I've used a Slideshare deck to summarise where the students have set up their profiles and plan to use this blog post to capture feedback from my current students about the social networks they believe offer them the greatest professional benefit.

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Discovering #Febooary

THERE'S A CLUSTER of social audio advocates who complete an audio challenge every year during the month of February. First launched on Audioboo in 2012, it's continued running as #Febooary on several social networks.

Screenshot of Febooary search results on Lumia.

One of the daily questions asks, "How did you discover Feboary?" and I made a short audio clip with my explanation.

How I Discovered Febooary


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The 7yo's Benchmarks for Smartphone Apps #febooary

I HAVE STARTED asking our 7yo questions arising from Febooary, the annual audio challenge. [1] I learn a lot through the feedback of other people who use my phone, especially from young Mia (below) who is well able to tap around and voice her thoughts.

The TLDR version is "ensure everything published by Toca Boca is on every handset in the home.

Talking to a Smartphone User

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