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Irish Microcontent

Ben HammersleyBEN HAMMERSLEY saved his best column of the year for the warmest day of 2003, reporting on the writers and artists who are earning money in the form of Internet micropayments.

It's a theme I first explored for those on Arthouse courses back in 1996. Weekly visitors still find my online course notes about the topic. Hammersley provides a listing of simple yet effective ways of making small bits for bytes of content. I'm thinking about a few ideas for Irish microcontent that he didn't mention and I wonder if he dismissed them after discovering they're not viable.

In true "trackback" fashion, I will bring my online notes into this TypePad space and watch the discussion ensue. I've got a busload of students interested in this topic. They want wages as much as they want to earn degrees.

Ben Hammersley -- "Making the web pay" in The Guardian, 7 August 2003
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The Pain of Spam

KILKENNY -- I watched some French tourists grimace when seeing a loud of spam saturate their e-mail accouns while they were paying to go online at a Kilkenny cybercafe. It's high time for the Irish Minister of Communications to take a leading role in the EU that results in him aggressively trampling spam.

Underway in Ireland -- "Getting serious about spam"
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