Inside View: Power Walk to Sony Reader

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March 27, 2009


Sony PRS700

EVERY TIME WE VISIT NYC, I make a power walk to the Sony Center, 550 Madison Avenue, to chat with people who understand the beauty of small yet powerful convergent electronic equipment. Sony Stuff works the longest and interconnects the easiest with other products in both the consumer electronics and mobile phone sectors. Part of my focus on my most recent walk through the shop involved the least expensive items (some bags, memory cards, digital frames and the Sony Reader) because I don't have a fat wallet anymore. I like the Sony PRS-700 Reader because it works just like the advertisements say. Its ultraportable form factor fits into my coat pocket, plays my MP3 tracks, shows my photo collections and gives me a tabletop and zoomable view of Acrobat files stored on Moodle, our virtual learning environment. The only thing separating me from purchasing one on the spot (a $300 cash price in NYC) was the cost of accommodation in New York City. We spent more for a nice room--one with a great view--and that meant curtailing my purchases of electronic gadgets. But the PRS-700 is definitely on my Christmas wishlist.