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Scorpion Tank for RoboCode 2004

Scorpion Tank for RoboCode 2004

Thurles, Co Tipperary, Ireland

The Alvis Scorpion tank will park in front of Tipperary Institute in Thurles on March 11th, marking the Final Round of RoboCode 2004.

The hull and turret is of an all welded aluminium, with the driver front left and the two man turret at the rear. The turret has a commander on the left and gunner on the right. The turret traverses manually through 360 degrees and -10 degrees through -35 degrees in elevation. The main armament fires HESH, HE and smoke rounds with a 7.62mm Machine Gun mounted co-axially to the left. The basic Scorpion is armed with a 76mm gun, although the one visiting Thurles will not be armed. When the flotation screen is erected the Scorpion is fully amphibiious, propelled in the water by its tracks at a speed of 6.5km/h. Standard equipment includes NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) system, fire detection and supression system and night vision equipment.

The Scorpion is a real-life destruction machine. Inside the Tipperary Institute venue, mock tank battles play out on screen between teams of programmers from 10 colleges and universities. The RoboCode competition provides an entertaining backdrop for the real winners--those Irish third level students with world-class programming smarts.

Image from Irish Military Online.